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Super Short Panel Mount USB-C Female to USB 3.0 Type-A Male Extension Cable / Adapter CableSuper Short Panel Mount USB-C Female to USB 3.0 Type-A Male Extension Cable / Adapter Cable
Features: - High Speed USB-C Panel Mount Extension cable - Comes with screw holes c...
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Drop Shipping Details

It is a new form of doing business in a way of almost no cost and can start almost instantly. As a Drop Ship customer, you do not pay up front to stock products or the merchandise. You also do not need any warehouse, or ship anything. You simply place product information (images and descriptions) on your website or bid on an auction site, take orders, complete your sales and then email those orders to us. We will ship on your behalf to your customer's door step. You will never have to touch it. You set/decide your own retail price, and pay the supplier (in this case: us) the wholesale price, that is shown on the website, and making a profit every time. We would not even ask you to send us your customer's email address and telephone (Except in some cases that a telephone number is required to complete the shipment, e.g. shipping via EMS, express, courier) of the final recepient.

- There is no fees involved in using us as a drop shipper.
- There is no fee to upload our product/merchandise images(we will have an FTP account for you to download non-watermarked pictures).
- There is no membership fees.
- There would be NO restocking fees.

How it works?
You can borrow pictures/descriptions of the products from our website for your website/or cut and paste on eBay / Amazon Auctions and after you have made or completed the sale, you can contact us, pay us our listed price, (You are of course at free will as to how much you want to sell it for at to your customers through auction sites) and then provide us with the full details and contact address of your customer, after receipt, we will then ship the merchandise to your customer. The customer will not know that the merchandise has come through a third party. In the package only merchandise would be there, no invoice, flyer or anything else that might give an indication.

Invoice will be sent to you via mail after you place an order online to us. Most importantly, please make sure that if you are placing any product on auction, especially, one of our specialized products such as large pieces of Inspection Endoscope or any other product that you do not see in abundance on the website, please call and inform us so that there are no embarrassing situations such as the item being already sold out and all that....We do not want you to lose your sale!

How to place drop shipping order to us?
- Register in our system, you may not need to let us know your store name, but please briefly let us know where you sell, e.g. eBay, online shop, physical shop... We do this because we want to make sure you are a drop shipping customer, not a retail customers.

- For the first few times, please communicate with us before placing an order or you can let us place order for you manually.

- After some trades, we will let you to place order online directly.

- Please have all the notes for the order on the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" Text Box.

- All the orders are done thru pre-payment (or deposit), please refer to the payment methods below.

- Once you completed all the procedures of placing an order, please send us an email if you still have any other important notes, but please try to have all the notes on the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" Text Box.

Before receiving an confirmation email from us for your special instructions not on "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" Text Box, please assume we are not able to do as per insructed.

- We accept upto 500 ship-to addresses under an account with us, so you have no worries in placing orders to us.

- We will put the tracking information, all the update for the order in our system, you can login to see all the information with the order.

- Please start from small (orders, quantity, amount) and grow slowly, both of customers and us may need time to adapt to each other for way of doing business, product description, shipping time...

How to pay for drop shipping order?
- Order by order
If you make the payment order by order, we can only accepts:
1. A fixed amount account deposit in us and standard Paypal payment against each order, you may choose Paypal to pay(6.2% surcharges applied) in the checkout process.
2. An order is placed and payment method "Money Order" is used, then the customer login their Paypal and use Paypal Masspay or Paypal Personal, send the money in HK$. In this case, please just ignore the surcharges at the bottom of the invoice (6.2% on top of total order).

- Prepayments
This means to order prepayment. Customers can send money in advance to us and deduct the money order by order. The money can send Wire Transfer in HK$ or US$, Western Union in HK$ or US$, Paypal Masspay in HK$, Paypal Masspay in HK$ or US$, Local Bank Transfer in HK$ or US$ or whatever method that is suitable. If a prepayment is made via Standard Paypal payment, the customer may need to purchase a gift certificate at our shop and we may send the customer a paper certificate to his/her Paypal address, the gift certificate amount will be effective only when the certificate is confirmed of reception.

Once the customer is notified the effectiveness of a coupon, the customer can place order to us using the coupon and pay via the payment method "Money Order".

If a customer has a gift certificate but still pay via Standard Paypal in an order, we cannot refund the money and deduct the money from your gift certificate. Please use a gift certificate to pay when you have, we cannnot do any to remedy if you don't.

* An account deposit in us is not an order prepayment.
* Thes system is not smart enough to deduct the payment for new orders from customer's order payment, so we will do it manually and we will share an Excel file with the customer for that.
* An account deposit US$300 minimum (or equivalent to the total amount of the customer's orders with us in past 60 days whichever is higher)
- All types of deposit, prepayments are not transferrable, we can only refund the prepayments and deposit in 4 ~ 6 weeks after the account is officially terminated. Please send email to us if you would like to refund. Note that we will use the standard Paypal to send the refund in original currency (or evaivalent amount) and we cannot pay for the Paypal charges incurred.

Information required to complete a drop ship order:
- Final recipient's Full name (Your customer's full name)
- Final recipient's Full address (Your customer's full address)
- Shipping method, e.g. shipping via air mail, EMS...
- A telephone number (not necessary for air mail, but it is required for shipping via EMS, courier e.g. DHL, UPS...)

Drop-ship policy
- Unless otherwise specified, all the descriptions in the product page are final, please make sure you are clear with the descriptions before placing an order.

- Unless manufacturer's defect found, all the goods (and services) are not returnable, non exchangeable and non refundable.

- Cancellation of an order will be accepted only that it has not been entering the shipping process and we reserve the rights to retain 25% of the total ordering amount as an administrative fee for that if a cancellation is accepted.

- If there we've really shipped out a wrong item or defective item, please submit some pictures and all the materials you have to us with the order number quoted, we will try our best to remedy.

- We will provide assistance to the drop ship customer, but the drop ship customer is the final party to be responsible for all the after-sale services. If the product is our own brand, what we can do is the warranty via the drop ship customer.

- All the custom fee, import duty, charges... all the fees charged by local government, shipper, agent are the responsibility of the drop-shippping customers and their own customers. We cannnot responsible for such charges.

- As long as we ship you (or your customer) the correct product(s) with a tracking number, we will have no other responsibilities for the order. You need to take all the risks for loss of shipment, damage-in-transit... with your own customers. Of course, we will provide all types of proper & necessary assistances to our dropshipping customers.

- Warranty is 4 weeks after reception or 8 weeks after the shipment date whichever is shorter.

- For whatever reason that a drop shipping customer accepts their customer's return, exchange or whatsoever request, it is a drop shipping customer's own responsibilities to handle the customer's request. If a new shipment is requested, unless our responsibilities is proven, we will take it as a NEW order from the drop ship customer to us.

- For RMAs, we will need to receive the item we shipped out and our normal RMA / Warranty policies will apply.

- No matter it is a defective item, the costs(inwards & outwards) for shipping items to us for RMAs are the responsibilities of the drop shipping customers.

- If there are any claims arised from the products we shipped, the maximum we can pay is the total amount for the transaction (for the claimed products), if, for any reason, we cannot provide you the relevant information of the corresponding supplier / manufacturer's contact information. If we can provide the supplier / manufacturer information, the customer may need to contact the supplier / manufacturer directly.

Product Pictures:
An FTP account will be provided for downloading:
- All the pictures (mostly more than 1 picture for a product)
- Non-watermarked
- The drop shipping customer can use the pictures we provided freely for commercial use and limited to the conditions that the drop shipping customer is still buying from us for the corresponding products. If a drop shipping customer is no longer to buy from us for a certain product, please remove the related pictures in 72 hours.
- We reserved the property rights for the use of pictures we provided and we reserved the rights to ask the drop shipping customer and his/her affiliates to remove our pictures without a reason given and the drop shipping customer and his/her affiliates should remove it in 72 hours unconditionally.

Termination of a dropshipping account
- If an account is not active(at least an order placed) in 3 months (for new account, it is 1 month), we reserve the right to terminate the account prior to any notifications
- Once an account is terminated, all the deposit (in whatever form, e.g. money deposit via Paypal, credit cards, purchasing coupons...) will be forfeited.
- Once an account is terminated and the customer wants to re-active the account, the customer will need to follow all the process as a new customer needs to do.
- We will need around 3 weeks to process customer's request for termination and we will notify the customer once the process is done. Unless agreed, please don't place any drop-ship order to us after your request for termination. It will only delay to process of termination.

- Strictly one order, one shipment and one tracking number, if a drop-shipping customer requests us to combine their orders(and is acceped), all the excess funds will not be refunded, if there is an inadquency of fund, we will deduct the fund from the drop-shipping customer's account (if applicable) or alternatively pay in another transaction.

- Please confirm the product availability from us before selling it to your customers.

- We cannot guarantee an item will be always with stock and will be always online for ordering, please kindly check the product status or contact us for the policy for a specific item.

- If a drop ship customer has any special instructions, please have their instructions in our "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" Text Box, that is the most effective way to make sure we know how you would like us to process. Alternatively, you may also send us your instructions / comments to us via email or put it in the "Message to Merchant" in Paypal checkout page, but the most favoured way is still via the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" Text Box with the order.

Last update: 18 Feb 2013.
We reserved the right to change the terms and conditions stated above without prior notice

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and governed in accordance with HKSAR law and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the HKSAR courts.