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Soft Silicone USB Socket Anti Dust Cap / Colorful USB Port Dust ProtectorSoft Silicone USB Socket Anti Dust Cap / Colorful USB Port Dust Protector
Product Description: It is not only to protect, it is a style too! Features: -...
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Pay Via Paypal Personal Payment / Masspay

Dear Customer,

To make a Paypal Mass Payment / Personal Paypment is not that diffucult, anyone with a Paypal Premier or Business account can do it instantly, if your account is not a Premier or business account, you may apply one or you may contact your local Paypal staff for how to make a Paypal Masspay / Personal Payment with your Paypal account.

For Paypal Masspay, you may also click the link below:

You can refer to these 2 links from Paypal official site for Masspay:

Or these 2 videos on Youtube (just randomly picked up in Youtube, we don't have the copyrights of the 2 video footages) (Note that you need to login for details)

Basically for Paypal Masspay, if you do not have money in your account, you can transfer money to your account then you can make it. For details, please contact your local Paypal support team for assistance.

For Paypal Personal Paypment, the procedures are as follows:
Login Paypal ==> "Send Money"==> "Personal Paypment"==>"Others"==> Our Paypal email address==> Total Amount in correct currency==> any notes to us==> "Send"

Here are our surcharge table for different payment methods:


Payment Methods Rate Composition Total Surcharges
Wire Transfer (T/T ) <US$1000 (product cost) US$35
Wire Transfer (T/T ) >=US$1000 (product cost) no surcharges
- - -
Western Union n/a 0%
- - -
Masspay in HK$ 0% 0%
Masspay in US$ 2.5% 2.5%
Masspay in Euro$ 3% 3%
Masspay in GBP 3% 3%
- - -
Standard Paypal in HK$ 3.7% + 0.5% 4.2%
Standard Paypal in US$ 3.7% + 2.5% + 0.5% 6.7%
Standard Paypal in Euro 3.7% + 3% + 0.5% 7.2%
Standard Paypal in GBP 3.7% + 3% + 0.5% 7.2%
- - -

If anytime you have any queries, please contact our sales team for assistance.


Thanks for your cooperation, we hope you are happy with our products and services and we can help you make more business.

In order to provide better service and prices to you, we sincerely invite you to pay to us via Paypal Masapay / Paypal Personal Payment. Note that for total product cost more than US$1000, we will request a customer to pay via Wire Transfer (bank transfer or T/T).

It is another 2 types of Paypal payment as good as Standard Paypal and at the same time, it minimizes our transaction cost so we can cut price to an even more competitive level for you.

If you still have any queries, please contact our salesperson, we are ready and happy to help.


Onchee Technology Limited
Store Owner