This is a wholesale site, you will need to login and get approved before you can make purchase. Thanks!

Distributors / Resellers

Step for placing an order to us
- Register in our shop.

- Then we will send email to you for some basic information, get verified that you are primarily eligible to be a reseller of us.

- Change the status in the administrative page by our administrator to "reseller" and then you can browse, see the price and place an order to us

Here is the typical procedures to place an order:

1. Choose the currency

2. Select the item and put the quantity
Note the item may be:
- with MOQ
- not allows to buy
- with limited quantity
- with no stock even it shows it is stock available
if you want to avoid any situation that we may not ship in a very short time, please communicate with us before placing order to us.

3. Have all the shipping, billing & customer information entered in the order.

4. Have all the remarks - customs declaration details, the instruction to pack the shipment... on the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order".

5.1 Choose the payment method - "Money order" and waiting for our email about the payment (please go to procedure 6.x)
5.2 Choose the payment method - Paypal and get it paid online (6.2% surcharges applied, see surcharge details here and please see procedure 7.x).

6.1 If you choose "Money Order", please allow 2 working days for us to check your order. For payment, no matter which currency you've selected, the money we need to receive is basing on Paypal Personal Paypment / Masspay in HK$, please see the surcharge details here).
6.2 During the 2 working days, we will let you know how long (or even how many items and how's the quantity we can fulfill), if both parties agree to the order details, then we will let you know how to get it paid.
6.3 If both parties agree to the order details, please try not to change the order, this will only lead to delay the shipment. Once the order is confirmed, cancallation is not allowed or subject to cancellation charges.

7.1. If you choose "Paypal" to pay, there is 6.2% surcharges applied no matter which currency you selected to pay. To reduce the administration work, no matter which currency you've selected to pay, we will not refund the 6.2% surcharges
7.2 If you want to get it paid online instantly and want to avoid the surcharges, please choose "Money order", you may see procedure 5.2 for the steps to pay to us.
7.3 If you've get the order paid and we cannot fully or partially fulfil the order, we will refund to you in corresponding to the part we cannot fulfil. The refund will be in the original currency and in 2 weeks's time or before shipping whichever it is longer.
7.4 You are welcome to use Western Union or via Bank Tansfer (Wire Transfer or T/T) to get the order paid in any amount in any currency showing in your invoice, no surcharges applied, please contact us if you want to use this method.

Pay via Paypal (Standard Paypment) is for retail customers only, if a distributor / reseller wants to pay via standard Paypal, it is subject to our approval and we reserve the right to reject and a surcharges will be required (6.2%, click the link here to see the extra charges). Direct Credit card is not accepted. Credit card payment via Paypal is taken as standard Paypal.

If you still have any queries, please let us know.

- No matter which payment you've used, once we got the order, you can expect to receive our email from our sales team for all the things afterwards.

As we keep the price for resellers are as low as possible, we need to minimize the transaction cost, so for all the resellers, unless some very special situation, we will recommend you to use:
- Paypal Masspay or Personal Payment
- Wire transfer (or bank transfer, T/T)
- Western Union

- Unless otherwise specified, all the descriptions in the product page are final, please make sure you are clear with the descriptions before placing order.

- Unless manufacturer's defect found, all the sales are final, all the goods are not returnable, non exchangeable and non refundable.

- If a product is sold via a reseller's / distributor's own network, the reseller / distributor is responsible for all the after-sale-services. If the product is of our own brand, what we can do is the warranty via the reseller / distributor.

- All the custom fee, import duty... all the fees charged by local government are the responsibility of the resellers / distributors. We are responsible for such charges

Last update: 1 Sept 2011.
We reserved the right to change the terms and conditions stated above without prior notice

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and governed in accordance with HKSAR China law and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the HKSAR courts.