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6-in-1 2.8X HD Macro / 20X Microscope / Wide Angle / Fisheye / CPL / 12X Zoom Lens Set for iPhone X6-in-1 2.8X HD Macro / 20X Microscope / Wide Angle / Fisheye / CPL / 12X Zoom Lens Set for iPhone X
Product Description: No matter you want to be a pro in mobile photography or have a b...
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Ultra Slim Handheld Endoscope with 40X Magnification

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Model: OC002042
Shipping Weight: 350g
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Product Overview:
Medical Endoscope is to help you to explore the mystries of you body, this USB Endoscope is to explore the mystries of the internal part of your machine, somwhere that you cannot reach but you want to have a look. It has 100X microscope with LEDs, making sure that you will see what you want to see. The LEDs lightness are adjustable to fit your purpose.

- Ultra Slim Snake / Flexible Tube

General FEATUREs:
- You can have this USB Endoscope to reach the place that you cannot reach but you still need to.
- With ultra slim snake-type scope, (3/8" inches or 8mm diameter, 19 inches or 49cm long approx.)
- The diameter of the Endoscope is around 8mm (or 3/8 inches)
- The Endoscope stick has 2 feet long (62cm approx), the cable has 32 inches (2 feet 8 inches or 80cm approx)
- with LED around the end of the endoscope, so you still can see in a dark environment
- USB interface, easy to install.
- 100X, enough for checking even a small soldering / transistor in a PCB.
- You can bend it to see around a corner or to look directly at a feature in a bore
- Driverless for Windows 2000, XP / Vista / Windows 10, 8, 7 (see notes below)

- Golf Course (to inspect the grass health)
- Workshops
- Labortories
- Industrial inspection
- Science education
- Forensics
- Printing
- Textile
- Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection
- Jewelers
- Hobbyists
- Tinkerers
- Crime scene investigation
- Medical
- Serial number identification
- Quality control
- Parts assembly

Colors Available:
- Mainly Black

- Desktop Stand

- All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
- For Unix Linux, we have no information, if you buy it for unix, it is at your own risk.
- For deiverless, if you cannot find the video appear after plugging the Endoscope, we can send you a software for that.

- Magnification: 100 times (it varies, depending on the distance between the object and the lens)
- Photograph: Taken by the software
- Videography: High Compression
- Light Sources: :LED illumination (USB interface)
- Focusing: manual focusing
- Pixel: 640 x 480
- Interface: USB 2.0
- OSs: Windows 10, 8, 7 / 2000 / XP / VISTA / Unix Linux / Mac (see note below)

Package Includes:
- Ultra Slim Handheld Snake Scope x 1

- Box



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