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11.0*4.5mm DC 10.5v-32v Lenvo input to 45W USB-C Power Charger for Macbook, Laptops and Smartphones11.0*4.5mm DC 10.5v-32v Lenvo input to 45W USB-C Power Charger for Macbook, Laptops and Smartphones
Description: This is an 11.0*4.5mm Rectangle Jack Lenovo Input to USB-C Type-C Power ...
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Universal Cell Phone Cradle (Micro USB) with a 3-port hub

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Model: OC002086
Shipping Weight: 195g
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If you change your cellphone in each 3 months, you may probably need to consider this Micro USB Cradle.

It is designed for all Smartphones using the Micro USB Connectors. It helps you to make your Phone always on stage and keep charging (or even hotsync). It comes with a plate and can adjust to fit different phones with different thickness. It even supports Data hotsync and charging even if you your cellphone has a case on (if the case is not that thick, see notes below)

It is even a USB Hub of 3-port. It gives you 3 extra USB Port for different USB Devices.

Unique FEATURE(S):
- One Cradle for All the Phones / PDAs using Micro USB Connector

General FEATURE(S):
- Make your Cellphone on stage and never get lost under your documents / Stuff on desk
- One Cradle for all your Cellphone using Micro USB (see notes below)
- Sync and Charging your Cellphone from your computer
- As a 3-port USB Hub

This accessory is compatible with:
- HTC Phones
- Motorola Phones
- Nokia Phones (See notes below)
- Blackberry Phones
- Samsung Phones
- LG Phones

Colors Available:
- Black

- All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
- It you use this cradle when your cellphone wearing a case, we may not guarantee that it can funcion properly, if it is a Silicone / crystal case, it normally has no problems, if it is a metal or leather case, mostly it will not work.
- For Nokia Phones, you need to check it is support charging via the micro usb or not.
- For some phones that does not support charging / hotSync via the micro USB Connector, this cradle may not support the corresponding functions too.
- You need to make sure your PDA / Cellphone is capable of charging and HotSync via the Micro USB
- The Audio output at the back of the cradle is a dummy!

Standard / Safety Approvals:
- CE
- RoHS

Package Includes:
- Universal Micro USB Cell Phone Cradle with 3-port USB Hub x 1

- Polybag



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