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DCKINA Telescopic / Optical Lens 12X Zoom (12X Telephoto) for Apple iPhone 7 / & 7 Plus

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Model: CAM005281
Shipping Weight: 335g
1000 Units in Stock



Production Description:
Want to turn your iPhone to superb stuff? Now you have one more kit.

This telescope has a superb 12X expansion that can help you to close up any objects from afar 12 times.

It is a Telecsope with manual focus, just turning the ring in the front of the scope to the clearest shot. It comes with a stand that you may have your iPhone clipping on the stand to take pictures and movies.

Unique Features:
DEDICATED: This set of lens kit is DEDICATED, other universal lenses are not comparable!
- BIG SAVINGs: One purchase for long use, the Lens is still usable when you change to a new phone, say iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7 or even other Samsung, HTC, Sony or so), so when you got a new phone, just check with us if we have such cover, then you just need a cover instead of buying a new model.
- LARGE RANGE of LENSes: The back cover is suitable for our other lenses for this model or in the same category, do check out DIY Sub-category, it is placed under the corresponding category of the phone model
- Premium Quality: Made of Glass, not by plastic as others in the market

*** see note below or check with us before purchase ***

- Avoid the contortion of image
- Easy to attach, high-quality lens construction limits image errors
- Aluminium casing and optical glass
- Detachable from the crystal case
- No Dark Areas (No Vignetting)
- Telescopic zoom lens with 8 glass elements in 5 groups and 3 mm interocular distance for 12X zoom with a 12° viewing angle
- Manual Focus adjust

Advantage for using a telephoto lens instead of using apps to enlarge:
- Low Noise, apps just digitally enlarges the image while lens is using physical / optical zoom, the noise will be mimimal.

This accessory is compatible with:
- Apple iPhone 7
- Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Colors Available (Back Cover):
- Black and for iPhone 7 (Material: PC)
- Black and for iPhone 7 Plus (Material: PC)
- BLACK and for iPhone 7 (different price may apply, Material: Metal)

Options (not included):
- 2X Telephoto Lens
- 9X Telephoto Lens
- Tripod

- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- Photos attached are for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time).
- The back cover is also good for some other lenses in our shop so you can have all types of lenses for your device, please check their corresponding categories for more lenses.
- This is a fixed zoom lens, not a zoomable lens.

Manufacturer Information:
- Brand: DCKina
- Model: DCK005281
- Youtube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram Tag: #DCK005281

- Manual focus ring
- Minimum focus distance: 3 meters
- Material:Aluminum Shell + Optical Glass Elements
- Magnification: 12X
- Angle of Vision: 15 degree
- Objective Lens Diameter: 18mm
- Weight: 117g (net)

Package Includes:
- 12X Telescope with manual focus x 1
- Cleaning Cloth x 1
- Mini Tripod x 1
- Dedicated Threaded Back Cover for iPhone x 1
- Lens Cap x 1 pair (for protecting the front and back)

- Retail Pack / Blister



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