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Oxford Cloth Scratch Proof / Water Proof Washable Car Cargo Cover For Dogs and Cats & Pets

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Model: CAR005969
Shipping Weight: 605g
1000 Units in Stock



Your dog loves to ride in your car, but you don't love the mess he leaves! This Cargo cover is made for you both. Your dog will be comfortable, and you won't have to worry about dirt, dander or claw marks in your car.

- Protects Cargo Area of Your Vehicle from Pet Hair, Dirt, Scratches and More
- Use as a mat or a carpet to your cargo
- Keeps cargo area clean and dry
- Adjustable to fit most standard SUV's
- Handy pocket for brushes, toys, leashes
- Quilted surface for your pets comfort
- Made with durable nylon for ultimate protection

Colors Available:
- Black


- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time).
- Suffocation WARNING: to avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. This bag is not a toy!
- Your dog should always use a harness
- Material is not fire-proof or fire-resistant. Recommend caution with heated seats or very hot places.


Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight: 600g approx.
- Product Dimensions: 1330*1450 (mm)
- Material: Oxford Cloth Nylon


Package Includes:
- Oxford Cloth Scratch Proof / Water Proof Washable Car Cargo Cover for Dogs and Cats & Pets x 1

- Polybag




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